It’s only customary for us to fall in love. Yes, it is. We fall in love all the time, with people, with nature, with habits, with hobbies, and pretty much everything else.

So, this blog is dedicated to all those expressions of love. Expressions which have to be seen, to be understood for a healthy and loving relationship. I hope you enjoy reading my creations as much as I enjoyed writing them. And most importantly, I hope you identify with them.

For latest Stories, Poems and Random Posts, visit the pages.

Visit the page dedicated to the Valentine’s Week.

I published my first novel, Vicad – The Beginning. It is fantasy fiction, published by Serene Woods. The Prologue of the novel can be read here. I hope you like it. Currently I am working on the second part of the novel, and two more projects.

I have also started posting my Hindi poems on this blog in hope to find readers who appreciate the gravity and enormity of the depths of Hindi Poems. Also, since Hindi is my first language it is only befitting that I post my creations in Hindi, too, here.

Hoping you have a great time here.


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