Valentine’s Special

For continuous 7 days, starting 7th of Feb, witness a literary festival for the upcoming Love festival…The Valentine’s Day. The theme of the posts everyday would be the Day itself.

7th – Rose Day
8th – Propose Day
9th – Chocolate Day
10th – Teddy Day
11th – Promise Day
12th – Hug Day
13th – Kiss Day

Also, there will be no post on the Valentine’s Day. This is for the simple reason that the day is meant for you to be spent with your loved one. So don’t be here, clawing at the blog for something new, use those claws fruitfully!

The week has still the final day to go, and immense love has been in the air. The posts for the Valentine Special end here. I know it will be a relief for some, considering my constant nagging to read my posts, while it will be a wait for the regular and sincere readers I have found here.

I will sound formal, and everything cliched that you can think of, but seriously… thank you my readers… It’s been a great week writing and posting. I have tried variations in my posts for each day, trying not to repeat the emotions portrayed in one post in another. I hope I have been successful.

Thank You for making this week what it truly is… A VALENTINE.

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