The Prisoner – II
Continued from The Prisoner, the story reveals his life before being imprisoned.

The Prisoner
The story of a prisoner, captivated in a place where he hears no one, talks to no one, says nothing. Written with a style different than any other story I have ever written.

The Eyes
A feeling depicted when you fall for the most beautiful part of the human face, the eyes.

Whatever I may write about Banaras and however many times I might write, every time it feels insufficient to describe a city that encompasses all aspects of life, death too. Banaras is much more than what you are going to read in the next story, and is much more magnificent than you can ever imagine. I can never hope to do justice with its rich culture, but I can hope that if you have ever lived in Banaras, you’ll want to come back to it after you read this post. And if you haven’t been lucky enough to come here for even once, you’ll be inspired to do so.

Overflowing Dams
A flash fiction story of exact 55 words.

The Wishing Hair
Have you ever wished on a hair from your eyelids? If yes, then this story is for you.

The Cake Shop and the Zoo-Woman
Finding the cake, and the one to share it with.

The Spy Story
Find yourself in the shoes of the paranoid me.

A Night To Explore
A fictional setting in a situation where two things, liquor and porn, very important to man, have been taken away from them.

Goodbye, Forever
Unspoken love exists not only among adults, but also with everyone we see around ourselves. A story of a person who doesn’t realize it till he loses contact with the little girl.

Glowing Embers
This is the story of a man’s hunger, his desire to go and find that last piece of satisfaction which he had been craving for since his childhood. And the embers glow, they glow indefinitely.

The Smiling Faces
Does a smile always reveal its true jovial nature? Or is it a mask beneath which lie several layers of hidden emotions?

Within a week or two, I will have my first book, “VICAD – THE BEGINNING” published. It’s fantasy fiction, being published by Serene Woods. It is first in the series of two books. I present here the prologue of the book, for your comments and response. I hope you enjoy it.

The 18th of August
For all those who are to pass out this year. This post is a reminder of the best times I have spent with you guys.

Backgammon – I & II
Two old men: An old-age home and a little girl. This is what makes their life.

Incredible India
India, the land of rich culture and tastes. How it mesmerizes a couple with its beauty, and how life plays an interesting sudden role, making it truly Incredible.

A Hopeful Despair
A story of supernatural love.


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