Random Posts

Random Posts

The following excerpt is from Rabindranath Tagore’s story, Broken Ties. The seemingly easy manner in which he has portrayed the most complex emotion that runs through a woman’s heart is delightful and illuminating. Also, it is something with which one can relate, for most of us, if not all, have been at either bank of the river of love as portrayed in the follow-up.

Reason for Love
What is the reason for you to love someone? Infact, do you actually need one?

The Pretty Cake

Moving On
Dedicated to IT-BHU and the life thereafter.

The Lit Club

The Last Trip
This post is dedicated to the last few months I have left in college, and to all the memories I have gathered in the past five years.

Not Gay Anymore
The post explores the changes that have crept into the english language since we were kids.

The Birth and Re-Birth of the Indian Superhero
If you have ever loved Shaktiman in your life, then this post is for you.

Going Back Home
The feelings which I get while going back to the city of Varanasi, my home for the last four years.

A post which exemplifies the strength of love and writing in my life.

Understanding “care” is as important as caring about somebody.

A post trying to understand the existence of the Teddy Day.

Sex and the School
The first time you ever read about sex in school. Reminiscence of those times.

for the love of MBA
The actual face of MBA aspiration in our country. Is it out of interest of the pursuers, or just another instance of the herd mentality?

The 18th of August
A post dedicated to my friends, Raunak and Paras, with whom I have spent some most memorable moments of my college life.

Love Aaj-Kal
How has the face of love, its demands and its perception in the society has changed with time?


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