Valentine’s Special Posts


A different philosophy for explaining the advent of time and its importance in human lives.

The Tree And The Chopper
A poem about nature, and man. A conversation between the two and a depiction of the difference between the two species.

Has anyone ever left you? And the state that they leave you in.

Many A Places
An insightful poem which is based on the famous song by The Beatles, Carry that weight.

I Wish I could
There are many things which go unsaid, many things which we wish we could say.

Sometimes I Wonder
My fantasies, my wants, the needs of my heart.

This poem is about a superhero, UndiMan. A superhero who decides to take on evil. A funny poem.

Who is the Saint?
Are those who claim themselves to be the saints of this world really are what they say? A poem about discovering the true meaning of being a saint.

The Dragon
It is a fiction poem that I penned down. A simple story is portrayed, with rawness.

The Fuhrer
Well, yes your boss is bad. And yes, your job sucks. Let’s find the ways of “getting around” that.

The Solitary Reaper
It’s a simple declaration of the fact that whatever may come or happen, it is me who reaps for myself.

Back To You
I don’t have you with me anymore, or maybe it’s the other way around. But, I want to be back and if you want me back, you’ll have to work.

A short poem expressing the dark desires of the heart, and promising that you are not the only one with them!

I am Disastrous
In short, it is the life of a soldier.

The multitude of types of kisses.

Setting the Sail
The day you realize that a hug is more than just feeling each other up!!!

I Love You
Once you admit your love to someone, it’s a promise you would keep whatever the circumstances. Because, it’s not just three words you say, it’s a feeling which can never be replaced.

Oh Chocolate!
The best way you can enjoy this post is if – you are an actor, or simply, if you have a piece of chocolate in your mouth while reading! I am sure you will agree with me once you read it.

The Night of Proposal
For this song to set tone and meaning to it, imagine yourself amidst a party; a party where people are dancing and singing. Everything is very cheerful and then a guy stands up, and sings out a song… (It is a cheerful song (: )

The White One
A poem for roses, love, and valentine’s day.

To You
Are you missing someone? How do you try to fill the gap?

Come Rome, Burn
This poem is different from my other posts. In effect, it is an attempt to present how Caesar would have behaved when he would’ve met Cassius and Brutus in afterlife. Their conversation makes the poem.

Though the immediate relation with Rom-an-tiques isn’t visible here, the poem still falls in this category because as I have mentioned earlier, this blog deals with all kinds of love. Be it with human, or political. Here, it is about the war of love between friends and Rome. Hope you enjoy.

The Love Song
A simple song, for the ones in love.

A poem of the love and affection in the years spent at college.

Illusion – Delusion
Your love has gone away, and what lengths can you go to to get her back? Find out.

Waiting for someone to call you? Feeling lonely and deserted? You are not the only one.

She’s Gone
She is gone. But is she? Or is she still there, lurking in your thoughts, in your actions?


The Culprit


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