Let There Be Light

Let there be Light

Let there be light, He said, and everything turned bright.

For miles and miles as far as his eyes could reach, and his eyes could, believe me, reach everywhere, there was light – faint, quaint and warm. He saw the sparkling water on the oceans and the immense expanse of the deserts, the sand absorbing the heat of the light photons. He saw the vast stretch of tree-tops which formed a canopy over the shrubs underneath. He saw the magnificent views created by the new found light in the atmosphere of the newly born planet, the auroras, the rainbows in the raindrops, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the mixing of the sun’s rays with the heavy mist of the mountains & the diffusion thereafter giving a mystical golden glow to the entire surrounding such that it seemed the whole sun had ceased to be a huge orb of fire and had diffused into something light and beautiful, captured by the heavy mist around it, creating an aura that could only be termed as heavenly.

He sat under a tree and saw these every day. It was his custom, even his duty to keep an eye on everything he created, for he was responsible on his own account for all the energy he spent. And he had spent a considerable amount of his energy in creating this world, his world.

“It was energy well spent.” He thought.

As the days went by, however, he started getting bored. Each day as the sun would rise, though still beautiful, he found the old charm lessening. He had a thousand thoughts and innumerable expressions to express the beauty it contained. He even made songs about it and sang them in the gardens he had carefully nurtured. But as the days went by he started feeling lonely.

“Why do I even write these songs? There’s nobody else, apart from me who can appreciate them or even hear them, maybe sing along with me. The beauty that this earth has to offer, nobody else but me have the privilege to enjoy it. There is no one who can see the splendor of what I have created. There is nobody else in this universe apart from me. I, I am all alone.”

As these thoughts came to him he found an entirely new feeling closing in on him. His head felt heavy and his heart sank. His breaths became long and labored while all his hopes disappeared. The colour of his surroundings all turned black and white as sadness enveloped him in his arms.

“I am all alone.” The words kept ringing in his ears.

Then he heard a new voice in his head, a voice which rang with laughter and lightness and comforted his mind with its warmth.

“I have the power to create. I can create living beings like me to keep me company. I can create beings who can appreciate the beauty of what surrounds them. Beings who themselves will be my finest creations.”

As soon as the thought came to him he stood up, beaming with joy & hope & a new found vigor and started planning out the beings he wanted to create.

“They have to live in this environment,” he looked around, “so they can live on this land,” he ran to the nearest river, “in the water,” he thought a little more, “or on both, and even the air.” A smile came to his lips. He decided to start with water, for it was a medium which was, essentially, the most important substance on the planet. It accepted everything, was the basic food for the trees, and was the also necessary for the beautiful rains he had witnessed. “It even makes a perfect cycle with the atmosphere.”

He started out with a lot of clay. He made heaps of clay on the riverside and fashioned a wheel out of stone. He rotated the stone till it was fast enough to be steady, took a handful of clay and mixed it with water, put it on the wheel and started shaping the mud with his hands.

For three continuous days he worked, and when he stopped the area around him was full of the clay models he had made, millions of them.

He had made two of each kind, so that they wouldn’t feel alone. He also thought of giving them the power of creation as he had but then decided against it. But his heart couldn’t agree with his mind, so he found another solution. He decided to give them the power of creation, in limited capacity such that each kind could only create its own kind, to only one of each pair, and arranged it so that both of a kind would be required in order to create another of their kind. He even decided the timeline for such creations. The smaller beings took lesser time, while the larger and more powerful ones took longer time to create. Then he gave them the senses and intelligence.

All the while as he decided upon the characteristics of each being he thought, and was amused to think, of himself as an artist. He decided that everything he created had to be beautiful and meaningful. Each had to have its own distinguished character, brimming with natural beauty and perfection. It had to be amazing. Every single being that he created had to be amazing.

When everything was almost finished and all that was left to give was the heart, the life-giver, the container for all the characteristics he had decided for each, he decided to examine each of the beings once again.

There was one, one in particular, whom he had created in his own image, which outshone all, the humans. He felt proud for what he had achieved, creating a mirror image of himself with his own hands. The being had been bestowed upon with the maximum intelligence He could afford and stood on two feet, unlike the majority. He knew they weren’t very powerful physically, inferior to the four legged beings in various physical attributes, but they had a strong mind. A mind which could easily make them the most celebrated of all his creations.

While he was happy for what he had created in his own image there was still a tinge of uneasiness left in him. He felt
guilty for being partial towards one particular being when everyone was a product of his own handiwork, yet he didn’t want to take away any of the gifts he had given the humans. With a storm raging in his mind and heart, he walked across the length of the river, pondering over the possible solutions. As he paced up and down the surface of the calm water while all his creations stood at the river bank, he saw a reflection which gave him the answer in an instant.

He picked each of his creations and carefully placed them in the environment they belonged to. The fishes were put in the river, the boars in the muddy pool by the side of the river. He put the birds in the nests he had cautiously made on the branches of the trees and the rest of the animals on the ground. Taking a deep breath he started with the distribution of hearts. The final touch.

He gave courage to the tigers and care to the elephants. He gave pride to the lions and beauty to the butterflies. To the dolphins he gave grace and speed to the deer. The eagles were given sharpness and the dogs loyalty. Hunger went to the pigs while the cows had their share of calm. The foxes were given cunning and the horses valor. So on and so forth he distributed the attributes to every being till it came to the last one, His favorites, humans.

With a great wave of hand he then summoned a heart the size of his fist and in it he poured everything. All the characteristics he had distributed, all the senses he had created he decanted into the heart, and as the final ingredient before mixing them all he added “humanity”. He hadn’t been able to define the term. He couldn’t pinpoint its exact nature; he just called it humanity, the attribute basic to the humans. Then he mixed it all and passed it on to the two figures that stood before him. His eyes lightened as they came alive.

As his last words to them he said, “I created you to keep me company, and though invisible, I shall be by your side always. My gift to you is your intelligence. You are my favorite creations, my best too, but I cannot be partial. Therefore, I have, in your heart, mixed all that exists in this world. As you live and till the time you die, you have your mind to guide you through the plethora of possibilities that you can become. It all exists in your heart and there itself, if you search well, my children, you shall find your own true character, humanity.”

Saying this he disappeared, disintegrating himself into infinite beings and spreading throughout the universe, in every ray, every particle of the sand, every drop of water, and most importantly, in every heart.


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