Reason For Love

It basically started tonight after a few pints of beer. A good friend of mine, while trying inefficiently to conceal his love for a colleague of his, drifted slowly and steadily into the great abyss of that inexplicable thing called Love. Starting with his bold proclamations of love and its drugs and their influence on him he then stumbled onto the question, and remained stuck for the better half of our discussion on it – what is the reason that someone loves someone? The answer, he reasoned, is simple – There is NO REASON for love. Another statement that he found particularly enlightening and hence kept repeating was “If there is a reason as to why you love someone, then mate, she’s not the one.”

I don’t think I will be extrapolating on the subject because it sounds, and is, self-explanatory. Possibly, it is also one of the few irrefutable truths of life. It is impossible to carry on with a love which finds its foundation on a mole on the chin or in the depths of eyes. Only love which finds no ground or a “reason” to build upon, I guess, is true in nature. I think this is also what is often referred to as “unconditional love”. Rest all is just a passing affair, moments which will whither away sooner or later.

Keep loving.
And if you fail to find a reason for your love – Congratulations, you are lucky.
For the rest – find someone to love, not a reason to love someone.



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