The Pretty Cake

As it turns out I am a lethargic, lazy soul. And sometimes I outdo my own expectations. I had thought that the senti-me would be churning out posts regularly once the feeling of leaving BHU sank in, but to my own disappointment, not to mention my readers’ ;), I didn’t do that. Maybe that I just was too lazy to write, or maybe that the feeling hasn’t actually sunk in.

Anyway, doing away from this blabber, I turn to the point of this post. This particular post is, I suppose a milestone in the field of “vellapanti” that I have always boasted of. I have a lot of time on my hands, free time, that is. My joining date is in early August for the job and Jamshedpur is way too hot for me to go out! And of course I have to find a time-passing tactic. Once I got too bored of playing Fifa and The Incredible Hulk, and of-course Zynga Bingo and Texas Hold’em, I started looking for more ways to “utilize” this time of mine. An idea came to my mind, easy, possible, and delicious.

Here’s a look!

I have made cakes before, and they were okay-okay, not bad but okay. During the course of blogging I have come across some brilliant blogs about food and baking, and I thought why not utilize their recipes, give it a try. And I did. The recipe was quite simple and only required me to mix flour with castor sugar, cocoa, some baking powder, butter, milk and an EGG. There was just one problem with this whole affair, as it has always been. EGG. MY FAMILY DOESN’T EAT EGGS.

But then, whenever there is a problem, there has to be a solution. I had some thums-up in the refrigerator, and that came to my rescue! Yes, a small cup of thums-up did its work brilliantly, and the cake turned out to be whatever I could have imagined – light, soft, spongy, rich. A little work with the chocolate sauce did help!

And yes, the next try will definitely include experiments with the icing! 🙂


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