The Lit Club

This post is the first in the series of the senti posts I am thinking of writing before leaving the college. There are a lot of things in the institute I would love to write about, the ones which have a special place in my heart and I could not find a better topic to start off with – the literary club.

I remember the first time I debated in the institute. It was for the prelims of Razzmatazz and the first time that I was debating ever in my life. I won that debate, secured a place in the finals, won the finals, and with enough luck and great partners in my team didn’t lose a debate for the next three and a half years. A brilliant start you might say, but it wouldn’t have been possible without a friend who helped, mentored, and motivated me in the first place. Without Anant Raman Sharma’s insistence on me participating in Razzmatazz with him, I probably would have never known the joys of debating. Without his unbelievable store of knowledge, his tips for every occasion, and those amazing rebuttal rounds when we screwed other participants with our questions, debating wouldn’t have been as much fun. Anant, thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of debating, for teaming up with me, for not teaming up with me, for allowing me to pull your legs through all these years, and for being sportive when I publicly call you a dog (I do that still, believe me).

When you talk of the lit club of IT-BHU, frankly, there was never a “club” for the first three years I saw it. It was simply a group of four, the secretaries, and was known as lit. And all that it was about was conducting the debates and other events. In the past two years, however, lit got a makeover and got converted into the “lit club”. With people like Raunak, Aviral, Bharat, Swapnika and Samriddhi, who believed that a stronger bond must exist between the people who came together only at certain occasions, the lit club started coming together more often, for discussions, for bakar, for parties and for work too. Anant, Raunak, Bitan and Aviral have been some of the most versatile people I have ever met. Give them a quiz, a debate, an extempore, elocution, or anything at all and they would show you how to excel in it.

Ankit and Nishant could be easily termed as gems of the lit club. People with such talent that one would be proud to have. While Ankit writes meticulously and is a brilliant quizzer, Nishant’s oration is one to be watched out for, but these two also share an amazing trait, laziness. I could swear on god that a man has his limit to sleeping had I not known Nishant. Talent, is all I can say.

Parth, Nitish turned out to be two fantastic people I came to know through the lit club. All I can say about the two of you is that I hardly laugh as much as I do with the two of you. I have loved the time I have spent with you guys, yes even those times when you cribbed about your fucked up love lives (so did I), and when you were drunk! I have loved reading your blog-posts, Parth, and those explanatory, advice-seeking calls. I have loved the discussions, the philosophies and the various hypotheses about love that we have shared, Nitish.

Kriti and Sujana, it was fun ruining your facebook walls with Nishant ;). It’s wonderful to know that friendship sometimes can start with the smallest of conversations and jokes. It has been a pleasure knowing the two of you.

Saurabh Lal Saxena, I’ll let you in on a secret. The first time I heard you debate I told Ankit sitting beside me, “he speaks like me”. You give me hope of maintaining the rich legacy that Metallurgy has in the Lit club. 🙂 😀

I have reserved the last for Bharat. You, actually, as already pointed out in the senate hall version of the senti speeches, brought the lit club together. It wasn’t until you showed up on the radar that the lit club was cast as a whole. I have seen few people so full of energy and life, carrying excitement with them, and a strong desire to work. You have been a source of inspiration to your juniors, in fact, you have become the face of lit for them, and it’s a recognition that is well deserved. Btw, you have also been the source of jealousy and awe to your seniors 😉 (I am sure you get the context).

The lit club has become an integral part of my life in IT-BHU, and its going to be a hard time without these people around me. There is a lot more that I would love to write but I guess I’ll take a pause here. I wish everyone best wishes for their futures, (mine too).


8 responses to “The Lit Club

  1. Wow! This one really struck a chord man! Now that you begin the senti college series, even final year students in denial will have to admit that life is about to change.
    To Piyush: the guy who loves giving parties, pursues chicks regardless of age, was ever-present at all lit events and competed right till senility struck! I won’t get senti here- I’ll see you in Gurgaon.
    Blog request: one tribute to the BHU autumn please.

  2. “i am stunned”, may be its the writer in me but i like reading ur sentiyaaps more than ur discources, offcourse reading them doesn’t guarantee a treat…we sure will miss you sir. Thanku for being a mentor, a friend, a benaresi guide and a partner ❤ 😉 :-*

  3. And here’s my toast to the man who I will now call the GRAND-DADDY of Lit – the ever-present President of this ‘club’, the inspirational writer and the man who can take away physical evidence of ever being a part of this club (Vicad!! We still must buy it). I still remember the day you came and sat through 100 extempore as a judge when we gave you just one phone call. For that spirit, I salute you!! :).

    P.S. I will take your compliments and swell up to the best of my abilities.

    P.P.S. I heard Anant is coming. If so, give me the dates – I will plan the Lit party on that date. Also, give me suggestions as to what do you guys want to have in the party!!

    • Anant’s slated to come this weekend, 17th… as for what is wanted in the party, discuss with aviral and bitan… my criteria is simply that it should be fun! 🙂

  4. Looking forward to read more of your posts in this series… btw remember ur job party is due…

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