With cries of adaptation,
Small feet, small fists,
Flinched eyes, mouth little,
And a button nose,
Covered in the blood of his mother,
Attached to her still,
With a life-giving chord,
He comes.

He grows slower than other animals,
Is physically inferior to the other animals,
Living under the watchful care,
He learns quickly though,
With me.

He’s blessed with a mind superior,
A gift nobody has,
He learns on own,
And others, and their experiences,
He seeks knowledge and understanding.
Of the ways of nature,
And mine.

He grows from a child,
Learns and adapts,
Moves and stays,
Calls earth home,
He loves and fights,
He tries and fails,
He tries again and again,
From the timid animal once,
He turns the most dangerous,
With me.

Once at his peak,
He then falls,
His body gives way,
To agony and despair,
From tall and strong,
He stoops like a waterfall,
He cries in pain,
He falls and falls,
Until finally one day,
He dies,
With me.

He says that I am powerful,
He says I keep moving,
He says I am the truth,
He thinks I never come back,
But then,
He’s just man.

I am nothing,
I am a mere spectator,
Who watches the moves,
Who watches the rises and the falls,
Who sees everything and everyone,
Who has to see it all.

I do not change,
It is but the man.
I do not move,
I am here always,
Waiting and watching,
The moves, the actions,
The failures, the success,
The love, the hate,
The strong hands of fate.

If anything at all,
I am but Constant,
For I have seen everything,
Everything go sublime,
And forever I shall, because,
They call me Time.


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