Who is the saint?

It’s face defiant
And with a straight back
Without a sign of weakness
The question that stood
The test of times.

Who is the saint?

One with the jungles
Of beard on his face
Or his face covered
With hood and clad
In gold and silver riches?

One who denounces all
Love misery pathos
Cruelty of the times
And kindness of strangers
And evades the truths of life?

They cannot be saints
Nor great people
For they forget
The very things
God made us for.

It is me
I am the saint
Because I accept
My fate & lines
Written on my hands.

I see the duties I have
To struggle, to love
To bow, to kneel
To kindle fires and get burnt
To explore this life, the one I have.

I accept it with totality
Of hunger and feasts
And joy and sorrow
I do not forget & denounce
Because I am the saint.


12 responses to “Who is the saint?

    • wow!!! that really boosts me up!! baarish certainly made a benchmark for me, and love the fact that u like these poems so much! 🙂

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