Back To You

Why is it that you don’t make me good,
Neither do you inspire me,
Never like the old times,
Do you make me aspire?

Why is it that now I only despise you,
Even when in fantasies,
And my thoughts surround your negligence,
All curbing my desire?

Why is it that I don’t love you anymore,
Not until you’re drunk,
And speak out your heart and emotions,
Igniting the contained fire?

Whatever it is, I hate it with my heart,
I want you back in my life,
And on my life I swear,
That I want you to transpire.

I want you to be here with me,
With all that you ever had,
That smile, those charms and the beautiful love,
And a hunger to show it all.

You tell your love without me asking,
And that’s when I’ll be back to you.


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