Is it really important for us to be important for somebody or someone? Is it absolute that man is a social animal? Is it an involuntary compulsion for us to love?

I guess it is. It is the nature of man to feel affectionate. And not just man. It is the nature of every living organism. It is the ultimate truth that even those species who prefer solitude do look out for mates when the time is right. Yes, you got it there. When the time is right!

But then another question arises. When is the time right? Is it now? Is it tomorrow? Was it a month ago? Frankly and honestly, it is this answer that I am looking for too.

I guess that by the power of intellect we possess, the time is right all the time. Right from the moment we are born, till the last air we breath in, we want someone by our side. Someone whom we know. Someone who can take care of us and look after us. Someone who cares about us. And most of the time, most of the people do have someone like that. And if they don’t, then they are on a constant lookout for one. But why?

Probably, the basic need of man is not food, air and water. When he has food he looks around to share it, and if he doesn’t have someone to share it with, then the food becomes just as compulsive and tasteless as the water he drinks and the air he breathes.The basic need, the basic want of man is “care”.

We want people to care for us and we want someone to care for. No, not everyone; but definitely some. We want people to be around us so that we can share our thoughts, feelings, knowledge, things, food, love, and a feeling that what we do is “cared for” by the one in front of us. Well, that is the only reason for publishing books, journals, newspapers; for playing sports; for the existence of stock markets and rock bands; for democracy and monarchy and anarchy; in fact for doing anything and everything we do in our lives.

The biggest fear of man, often cited in books, movies and other forms of entertainment and knowledge, is not dying. It is but dying alone. Even in the last moments of our lives, we want this knowledge that there are people who care for us; that there are people who will think about us once we are gone. So, if care is the gem which we are most needful of even in extreme times, then does this not make it the most priceless possession of a man?

But care, is different from love. A little bit of likeness is there, certainly, but exactness, no. Love and care traverse parallel to each other, often overshadowing each others effective area. And most likely, love is borne out of care. But then, love is overshadowed once again. Though it may fade / wipe out / vanish, care does not. It turns out that once you start caring about someone, you continue doing so till eternity.

Care is not about wanting someone, it is not about being with someone. Care is not about talking to people daily, nor is it about pleasure. Care is simply a feeling of being in someone’s thoughts once in a while. Care is a good feeling, a feeling that denounces all the feelings of self-love, greed, hunger, selfishness, anger. Care is the purest form of affection.

Yes, that’s care.


8 responses to “Care

    • well, it surely is a debatable notion. As i said, i believe that love and care are two different feelings, divided by a very fine line, often with overlapping domains. So, maybe the part which makes you think that you don’t care about someone, is actually just a compulsion of the mind to neglect your feelings towards the person. you see, when you don’t want to think about a person at all, and you try to ignore him with all your heart!
      I even call that as care.

  1. of course…it does get difficult to generalize things! but then as u said, that’s my view… and everyone’s entitled to their own! 🙂

  2. hey beautiful thought……….this describes u as a person……….who understands the psychology of an emotional person and dont address him as an EMOTIONAL FOOL which most of the people do in the present time!!:) 🙂 i appreciate your thoughts,imaginations and writing skills.U put forward certain things in ur blogs so beautifully that i feel like reading them thousands of times….and even after doing so can’t just stop appreciating……. 🙂 keep it up!!!!!

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