To me you are nothing,

An object worth watching,
To toy and play,
And sometimes with skilful glee,
A desire to be fulfilled by the bay.

A thing to be explored,
An island of live flesh,
A quest to be won,
And then left alone to avoid the mess.

A stroke of lust,
And hunger,
An inn of brutal peace,
A companion to share a bunker.

All this,
I thought and smiled.

The next day, however,
The sky fell on my head.
When you said the same to me,
And left.


18 responses to “Playmates

    • the reality was all imaginary, more like the “Groundhog Day”… if you’ve seen the movie! 🙂

    • one of my favorite songs! 😉 anyway.. i thought i would give an unusual ending to this one… and it worked… 🙂

  1. Really good one! Surprising ending. We very often treat people like toys, don’t care that we hurt them. It’s not until somebody does the same to us that we realize how much harm this could cause… Also, it feels very personal to me as not long ago I’ve experienced being treated this way…

    • thanks….. i know, and i agree… it does hurt a lot, and though i haven’t experienced it i feel it inside me sometimes… but then i get scared too, scared if the same thing was done to me.. and hence the poem.. 🙂

  2. Well Ya! …never mind where you are at in “Love, Lust, and pain”, your poem’s rhytms and expressions were awesome. Your point, well made.

  3. to think something about someone and smile, and later find the other thinking the same, only as a tearful goodbye is something very heartbreaking I think. you versed it just fine!

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