Setting the Sail

The waves of anger,
And discontent,
Hit ferociously on the shore.

Every lie that you said to me,
Every little thing you hid,
Every minute that you were uninterested,
And talked to me with little ease.

The frowns you gave,
The jokes you misunderstood, willingly,
The lack of care and love you showed,
The burden that you saw in me.

The waves get stronger and higher,
The ship sails in,
Waiting at the harbour,
Waiting for the signal to leave.

I look at you,
Somehow different from other days,
I can see the same old sparkle in the eyes,
I once loved so much.

The anger shrinks as the time passes,
And then you come forward,
Your arms stretched,
A hug in sight.

As I hold tight,
And close to me, my love,
Letting go,
And forgetting.

I forget who I am,
I forget the annoyance,
I forget the bad days,
Thinking of the good, gracious nights.

And when we part,
All I can see is you smile.
Oh! How I love it,
That lovely smile.

It’s probably magic,
Your hug.
It’s a wonder,
Your hug.

It calms me down,
Asks me to keep quiet,
And itself speaks volumes,
Creating turbulence, good turbulence.

And always,
Only one solution comes out of it,
An age old product of you and me,


One response to “Setting the Sail

  1. It began with anger and ended with love, and the understanding that love doesn’t feel like love all the time. Took me a little by surprise because most poems about love express either the positive or the negative. I like it.

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