What does the teddy day mean to you? Well, I have been thinking over it since morning today, and that exactly is the reason for this very, very late post. I thought of writing a poem but failed, I thought of penning down a story, but failed again! I have been thinking why; why can’t the so cute, so sweet teddies spur the romantic writer in me? Well, yes, I have been thinking quite a lot! So finally, while taking an after-dinner walk I decided to write on the same thing.

The simple reason for me not being able to write is that I am unable to identify with the teddy bears of the world! I haven’t in my lifetime, yet, played with teddy bears. I haven’t gifted teddies to anyone nor am I too fond of the stuffed toys. I like them definitely, but not to the point of celebrating a whole day for them. I guess I can attribute it to the hormones!

Being a guy, you often relieve yourself from the burden of playing with dolls, maybe even having a husband for the Barbie, or constructing homes and having tea. And what you indulge in, is simply…simple. Fast cars, and bikes, and cricket, and football. Races and bruises and cuts and bone-breaking. Well, I guess, what a teddy bear signifies to a girl, the same significance is of cars and bikes to a boy.

So, the very simple question which has been invading my mind since morning is, why have a day in this lovely week which is totally partial to girls? When boys can’t attach themselves with it, and obviously, those who have girlfriends, can’t dare ignore it. Is it fair in the week of Valentine to discriminate?

So, I propose a solution. Should we start calling it a teddy-cum-bike day??? I know girls will think it’s preposterous, and it sounds such too, but just think. Shouldn’t boys be given an equal opportunity to celebrate something they love, just the way girls can, during the Valentine week.

Comments Please.


5 responses to “Teddiness

  1. well teddy-cum-bike day is not a bad idea…..No offence but tell me do fast bikes and cars remind you anything about love???
    It does races up our hearts but it never gives a feeling of care.. or anything that reminds us of the only one our heart beats for..and more over this whole week we are talking about is about love and dedication not ones own wishes and likes….i agree that it’s been a little partial towards girls but… let it be….they deserve it…and 1 more thing… once you gift a teddy to a girl u’ll see it becomes her dearest companion b’coz she personates it as u….it keeps her reminding of you… making you close to her even when you are not there….so lets cheer for all those teddys and leave it as teddy day only….

  2. well as v know that every person has their own perception, so for me teddy day is not about gifting teddies but loving someone as much u love ur teddy (rather v girls do), n i wished alll my cute friends who looks like tedddies… a happy teddy day….. n welll i nreturn got many replies for it tooo….. 😉

  3. very gd point….. nd actually teddies only remind of love coz of the perception tht hs been created by the society… because thr is a teddy day in the valentine week… it reminds evri1 of love… its nt the other way round….

  4. teddy day……hmmmmmmm……teddy reminds me of love,hugs and hugs……..lovely thought piyush………:) u write just so well……….. 🙂

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