Oh Chocolate!

The best way you can enjoy this post is if – you are an actor, or simply, if you have a piece of chocolate in your mouth while reading! I am sure you will agree with me once you read it.

Oh chocolate,
Oh my dear chocolate.

I love the way you feel,
The desires you unveil in me,
The sensuality I never knew,
Which existed forever inside of me.

I love the way you melt,
When you float over my tongue,
Giving me an unknown pleasure,
Making me go dumb.

I look for words to explain,
The orgasm you lead me to,
The satisfaction, the warmth,
The need that you cater to.

Oh dear chocolate,
Oh my dear chocolate!


22 responses to “Oh Chocolate!

  1. yummy one piyush..
    seriously as if i already dint love choclates,u made me fall in love wid choclates all d more..:):)
    thnx dear…

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