The Night of Proposal

For this song to set tone and meaning to it, imagine yourself amidst a party; a party where people are dancing and singing. Everything is very cheerful and then a guy stands up, and sings out a song… (It is a cheerful song )

I am confused,
And irritated my lady,
For as far as I see,
I see couples.

It’s not that I am envious,
Nor do I feel bad,
I am simply baneful,
And a little sad.

I have been single,
For all my life,
And sometimes I get a feeling,
I’ll never find a wife.

So I wanted to propose,
On this wonderful night,
To a beauty,
Who will steal my sight.

But problems never end,
And no good riddance,
I look around to find a mate,
And see hundreds who can dance!

And all of you, milady,
Beat the moon a thousand times.
Your voices so sweet,
They feel like birdie chimes.

I have but one,
Solution to this,
And so I announce,
Hear me oh lovely miss!

I propose you all,
On this beautiful night,
I look at each one of you,
And you fill my heart with light.

To all the damsels
I devote these lines,
For you are sweet as honey,
And precious like wines.


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