The White One

I saw a rose,
It’s petals bloomed,
And shone,
The other day.
Looking at me
With an eager heart,
It was white,
The other day.

I saw the rose,
and smiled.
‘tis not your day,
My friend, I said.

I plucked the red
which stood beside it,
& with love in my eyes,
Talked to it.

The white one looked on,
As I kissed
The one red in colour.
Why? The white one hissed.

I pressed my lips
Against the red
Again & said, oh white,
Love is what speaks Red.

I left. The white one stared.

I came the day after,
Wonder awaited my eyes,
The white rose which stood the day before,
Was now painted in red dyes.

It cried to me,
It called my name.
Come, pluck me dear one,
And offer me to a beautiful dame.

Kiss me, and hug me,
And let others be envious,
Put me in a book,
And let years look dubious.

I wondered,
I stared.
I plucked, and asked,
How did you become red?

The once white one smiled,
And said,
For you, my love,
I bled.


13 responses to “The White One

  1. only a person whom that treacherous monster, love has handed delicately can write such a poem… i hope love would handle me some day like this as well :-)) good work sir…

  2. hey piyush..gr88 one yar..
    it is so true dat ppl usually realise abt d prsn who loves dem so truly soo late dat love dies..
    sorry for readin it late..:):)

  3. hey piyush………….its really great……..i didnt know u write so well……….i really appreciate this…….beautiful imagination,wonderful play of words,extremely different philosophy and its just fabulous……..I have never read or heard any philosophy about LOVE more beautiful than this………..:) 🙂

    • well… i m flattered… n thanks!
      this poem has become one of my favs over time …. n its a standard i have set for myself nowadays!

  4. Though i hv nt read ur all but this has definitely become my “numero uno”….so many emotions depicted so fabulously n in such sublime manner….u find different feelings welling up each tym reading it….hv fallen in love wid dis ❤ …superb!!! N congrats for coming up wid such a delight 🙂

    • Thanks a lot… This poem got me a first prize in the inter-faculty competition here last year…And it’s been my “numero uno” for like…forever! 🙂
      Glad you like it! 🙂

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