for the love of MBA

10 cent percentiles. 19, a fragment less. 1,86,238 aspirants.

It was the time to bell the cat, slay the cat, hang the cat, screw the cat or whatever it might have been. It was the time to get all your intelligence, your entire IQ, and all your luck to work in resonance with you. And it is this resonance, which actually amplified your preparations for petting the CAT.

Confused as to whom am I addressing to? Yes, it is you. You, the engineer.

Why only the engineer of all the MBA aspirants? Why not the doctors, the lawyers, the economists and the commerce grads of the country? Why only those who can nod when I say “Schrodinger” or hum when I write “Boyle”? Well, because this year all those expert marksmen scoring a 100 were; and all those who were a shade less were; and of those 1,86,238 aspirants, 88% were; Engineers.

Isn’t it just wonderful how a whole country can display a wonderfully “ordered” society? Every brilliant child or not-so-brilliant child is forced to study science, opt for engineering or medical, and then forced again, for a post-graduate diploma in business administration! I know, I know. No one can force you, right?

But actually, there is always a force. Force from the society, a force from the pay-packages, a force from friends, and a force, or rather, an inherent instinct to escape! Escape from the harsh reality of your non-desirable engineering courses. Escape from the fact that you did, sometime in your life, made a wrong choice! Yes, that is what CAT serves as nowadays, an escape-route from engineering life.

I was baffled when I read the opening statement of The Tribune, “Want to bell the CAT? Be an engineer first.” Is that really so? And though the statistics do prove it to be true, is it worth rejoicing or celebrating? Does this not show that somewhere, somehow in this huge country, in this huge democracy full of intellectual minds, there is a point where everything segregates?

The segregation points are different for every class of people. For students, it’s engineering and medical; in sports it’s cricket; and in administration, (public and as being uncovered in private too, nowadays, to a large extent) it’s corruption.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that everyone has a MBA! The college doesn’t matter, nor does the learning. It doesn’t matter if the degree is ever going to be put to use. It doesn’t matter what graduation degree you hold, because they are all worthless in front of these three letters! After all, they are the most loved letters in India.

What I wonder, however, is how many of the aspirants are aware that IIMs do not award the MBA degree!


6 responses to “for the love of MBA

  1. Dare to think beyond IIMs 😛

    There is a huge contrast when you compare the batch profile of an IIM with any other international B-School and the quite simple explanation; that’s how they want it. No work ex requirements and greater emphasize on quantitative sections explains it all.

    IIMs are just a launch pad to get you a ‘manager’ profile job and yeah a slight value addition also, may be.

    • True. IIMs to a large extent dosent produce outstanding businessmen and leaders. It just makes thousands of useless engineers (like us) a little more equipped to keep the ball rolling.

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