Come Rome, Burn

This poem is different from my other posts. In effect, it is an attempt to present how Caesar would have behaved when he would’ve met Cassius and Brutus in afterlife. Their conversation makes the poem.

Though the immediate relation with Rom-an-tiques isn’t visible here, the poem still falls in this category because as I have mentioned earlier, this blog deals with all kinds of love. Be it with human, or political. Here, it is about the war of love between friends and Rome. Hope you enjoy.

I am The Caesar.
Still mighty and brave,
When that dagger,
Found me my grave,
All because of ambition.
My wife cried out in sleep,
And many tears did shed Antony,
For he was a friend, faithful,
So was his love, and agony.

Oh! Cassius, you cur,
Oh! Say something.

It was dust,
And it was vile,
To let it rot under,
One man’s slight.
We were dying,
We were living like rats,
Never ever wondering,
About the ruling bats.
And so,
For the love of Rome,
Did I instigate,
The greatest of the city,
Against the greatest,
Oh! What a pity!

Here comes Brutus,
A friend who turned back,
And stead received death of doubt.
Come, say your heart,
And speak your love,
For which you killed another.

Yes, I did,
And I realize love was greater,
For Rome.
I loved you, friend,
But Rome was love,
And respect, and life.
I had to sacrifice,
My love for one,
And so I killed you,
Now it can’t be undone.

Oh! You traitors,
You are vermin,
Biting those who fed you,
Killing your own kin.
You killed me not of love,
For Rome,
But, for the fear in your heart,
Of Caesar’s Rome.

You deceived,
And plotted and strived,
To gain government,
All of you lied.
And then you stabbed,
The unknowing me,
The Caesar,
Fixed as the northern star would be.

And for this,
Shall pay Rome,
Where no mother nor child,
Will have any home.
People will die,
Of hunger and strife,
Because you killed Caesar,
The Caesar, Rome’s life.


13 responses to “Come Rome, Burn

  1. A very good take indeed on how Caeser would feel !!
    Must say, very well written; impressed, really.
    I wonder why you don’t attempt these genres more often

  2. piyush i have always been a great fan of Julius caesar-the play and even shakespeare……u have done an extremely great work……………..its a flawless work of yours…………….keep it up………..u have complimented Shakespeares’ work…………….. 🙂

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