The blasts, the bumps,
The highs & lows,
Love and freedom,
And those sudden blows.
Oh! It’s a journey.

Making the least of time,
And the most of fun,
Every moment is best itself,
’cause you are never alone.

From being ragged to ragger,
Everything is awesome,
When you have great friends,
Foes don’t need to come.

It’s like swimming,
Lap after lap the years go by,
And when you gasp for air,
The friends come by,
And drown you in their tears.

Your love may never decrease,
For once you whenever meet,
The same college comes alive,
And says, Friend, for you,
I could die.


5 responses to “Collegiate

  1. Nice one…Your blog has taken a more professional lekhak like look….Lekhak babu is going places….I like it…May be in years to come some day i will tell my children…You see that book..It was written by the guy I used to go to college with..

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