Illusion – Delusion

I was living in an illusion,
In a fucking delusion,
That she’ll be coming back to me.

But when I saw with her another man,
Oh! My balls caught on fire and,
I knew she weren’t coming back to me.

I knew she had to be deprived,
So I let a plot thrive,
Knowing that she’ll be coming back to me.

I threw him in his car,
Pushed him of the cliff afar,
Thinking now she’s coming back to me.

I had to tear her heart apart,
So that we may never part,
Once after her coming back to me.

Then I gave her a shoulder,
To cry and get bolder,
Asking her for coming back to me.

She came, to me.

Being what I wanted her to be.

For I gave her everything she needed, in a time of grief.

Ha Ha Ha Ha. Mua Ha Ha Ha Ha…

Oh! And when I made love to her,
I made her bones shiver,
Giving her a pleasure she’d never known.

But one day something strange happened,
He came out of dead and then,
He knew I was his killer after all.

We were making love again,
Giving each other sweet pain,
When he barged in through the living door.

The two men looked eye to eye,
Forgetting the bare lady who was tied,
With a mouth gaping at the intruder.

And what a scene it was.

The lady was “Alas!”

When both the men shook hands, and left her with a hole in her head.


12 responses to “Illusion – Delusion

  1. Well… very nicely written… never expected he would come out of dead from nowhere….
    neither did i expect that both of em would turn out to be Gays…. so these are the
    ” KUCH BHI ” factors in this poem…. & I jus love ” KUCH BHI ” Factor coz thats wht makes smthin interesting & mind boggling…. lolzzz…. gud one..

  2. homosexual/heterosexual…..its all abt sex 24/7 😛
    twist was good…n unpredictable…
    as a reader i feel that somehow the girl murdered is not recieving enough sympathy she deserves…

  3. hey…what the hec is dis man….you’re wild…huh…?? 🙂
    din’t know that!!! …but its nice ….great!!! …but again…..u’re WILD!!! 🙂

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