Hello All,
Within a week or two, I will have my first book, “VICAD – THE BEGINNING” published. It’s fantasy fiction, being published by Serene Woods. It is first in the series of two books. I present here the prologue of the book, for your comments and response. I hope you enjoy it.


The silhouette stepped into the dark corridor and moved down the unknown length of the passage. After eighteen precise steps it stopped, turned right, pushed open an unseen door and took a step inside.
A cold, heavy voice filled the room, “So, how are we today?”
The room remained silent.
“Oh dear, I sincerely advice you to not go on an I-will-remain-silent campaign,” the evil in the voice grew, “or otherwise I have my methods to make you speak.”
The room still remained as silent as a graveyard.
“You seem determined,” the voice became colder, “It’s been time since I tried my skills.”
The moment he said this, the room rang with a woman’s cry; the moan of an animal.
She spoke a moment later, and even a child could have spotted the anguish and fear it contained.
“What do you want from me?”
He started laughing.
“You know, your voice is so sweet and you are so beautiful that I hate to hurt you, but you leave me with no other choice.”
“Why don’t you let me go? Send me back!” she trembled.
“Send you back!” He was surprised. “Have you forgotten that he did give you a chance to go back? It was you who spoiled the opportunity, not me,” he grew angry, “Is it my fault that you didn’t have any common sense? NO.”
The girl started crying, her sobs echoing in the otherwise silent room. Time passed.
“But I am really thankful to you that you didn’t leave.” He laughed; the evil in the air growing with each passing second. “I couldn’t have been this close to my goal had it not been for you.”
He paused. “I had come to inform you of the progress we have made. The time is coming, I have foreseen it.
And as for you dear, do not worry about living in this horrifying place anymore; you will soon be released.” The room was filled with a roaring laugh.

The gate closed and a dim yellow light bathed the room. The girl looked around at the four walls with which she had become so familiar since the last few centuries. Right in front of her was a large mirror. She stared at her reflection.
A young girl, tied to a transparent glass pane, floating in the air. Her outstretched hands were tied to the glass with invisible ropes and so were her legs. An invisible knot around her forehead made sure her head didn’t hang in the air.
A perfect female version of Christ.
She kept looking at her naked reflection as her body started dissolving in the air. First her hands and legs, followed by the rest of her body. Soon there was no trace of her, except for the mist that now surrounded the glass pane.

Harss woke up with a start.



  1. Well since its a prologue….Its creating a bit of suspense…..Its also making way for characters to be shaped and different shades to be introduced….I wonder who is “he” referred to by the interrogator…Besides the description of the woman being inside those four walls for centuries and then describing her appearance in the mirror as a young beautiful women is a contrast ….It might be that the woman is remembering her old days…or it might be tht she is dreaming of something else…Well if its a romantic novel then surely the captive girl has some lover and he would come to save her or may be “he” in the story is a vilian and the interrogator finally falls in love with the captive girl….whatever it may be ..
    I feel the later part of her getting invisible means she is dreaming or something…and I think the romantic story revolves around a suspense thriller background .otherwise why wuld she be dreaming of something like this..secondly a novel coming in two parts would surely be lacking content if it only deals with the romantic aspect…so surely there is some thrill on the roll..
    I have always been an appreciator for writers who use clische thoughts and who use analogies which are quite intersting….the description of the “mirror”,”silent as a graveyard”….”moan like an animal” “a perfect female version of Christ”….are few of the analogies and similes you have used…I expect more of these with good punch lines in the novel….Its only the prologue…hope its a good novel…All the best…(plzz give me a complimentary copy…I m broke :P)

  2. thank you for such a thoughtful comment! OMG!
    i hate to disappoint you that it isnt a romantic novel, and though the story that u expect to be is quite interesting, is light years away from the story of the novel.

    Keep guessing, and I am happy that u liked the prologue.
    I hope I’ll be able t do justice with the novel. Thanks for your wishes.

    • Well your blog gave me an impression that u have an inclination towards romantiques…thts why i was guessing it to be a romantic kind of story…
      As of now i feel it wuld be a sci fi…with insights of time travel…light years away from earth…He he….:P

  3. The prologue is good enough to make me go for the novel. So I’m definitly going to read it. Best wishes,

  4. From the prologue, I believe this fantasy fiction holds enough charm to captivate readers. Wanna hear more!!!!

  5. dat was an intresting reading session…u have 2b complemented for a well written prologue..

    i believe the whole books full of suspense and twisted turns 🙂 looking forwrd 2 bth d editions.. i dere in d book.. 😀 sumhow..related..somewhere mayb.. read d book to find out ur resemblence in it…ul find your avatar in it i hope 😉
    great going pichuus… 🙂


  6. sahin….
    my guess: something abt ur dreams or nightmares getting more nd more real…to the point u r unable to differentiate between the reality nd dreams…m i nywhere close????
    and yes,
    i need a copy tooo……….nd a party also.

  7. @ Kunal: thanks for the compliment… as for if u r there or not… 😛 find out.
    @ raghav: sry dude… miles away… ! 😛 and yes… the party awaits… 😀 😀

  8. Quite descriptive.. “LIKES”
    Will sure read your book..
    U caught all my attention as I read the prologue
    Want to know the rest too 🙂

  9. hmmm….quite n interstin read dat…sort of intruiges me 2 knw dat wat kind of a book hv u xactly written…knowin u ,u wl never write sumthin very straightforward….got 2 hv many subplots…kudos to u dude..
    proud to knw u..wishin u loads of more literary successes…

  10. I wana read …..i wana read …i wana read…. 😥
    Its been a long tym…i havn’t read a good book….now i think i have one !!
    Hope i read it soon 😀 ….it seems great piyush…great JOB!!

  11. i read your “vicad”…and i must say buddy ..GREAT JOB..i really liked the concept ..and the presentation…it reminds me a liitle of robin cook…but the way u ended the story …it gave a little hint that u wanna go for a it so???? if it is so then do it fast….coz m waitin.. ;)..

    • oh that’s great! i never thought my buk had reached chennai!!!
      anyway.. it’s a great feeling!!
      m glad u liked it…n yes, i am working on the sequel..
      so, lets hope u dont have to wait too long for the sequel… 🙂

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