Love Aaj-Kal

I have returned after quite some time, owing to the fact that my sessionals were on. In fact, this return wasn’t planned or anything. A recent incident spurred the romantic writer in me to think. To think of the things we do nowadays, the mean we use and lots more.

A friend of mine was recently, kinda dumped, by his girlfriend. The two had been together for a long time now, nearly five years. As far as I know they loved each other a lot and still do, yes, both of them. Their problem was however peculiar. She loved him, but didn’t want to be in a relationship with him. I didn’t quite figure out what it meant. If you do, please enlighten me.

Well, anyways I am not about to give a lectures on love life. This incident actually, made some things clear to me. There exist two different kinds of love: one – repairable (strictly includes only parents and siblings) and two – common love.

It came to my notice that relationships nowadays have become too complicated. You have to have different kinds of relations with people. One, where after all the fights and misunderstandings, after all the hue and cry, we still come back together, because we have nowhere else to go. For example, I take myself- Out of seven days in a week I am on non-talking terms with my mom on four. But still, I can’t imagine a life without her. Nopes. She is too dear to me. I fight, I say harsh things, but I always go back to her.

Second, where after a small fight, a small misunderstanding, a little detachment we decide to quit, simply. No examples required here, are they?

Why is it so? Is it because we have evolved too much? Or is it because that we want ourselves to be portrayed as modern, practical, straight-forward and always right?

“You see, I couldn’t find myself contributing much to this relationship anymore. I don’t want to drag it any further coz we will end up hurting ourselves. It’s time that we call it off.”

Why have we become so practical? Why have we become so intelligent? Why have we become so incongruous? Why do we want to break-it-off when it becomes a burden? Why don’t we try and figure out the reasons for it becoming a burden and then sort them out? Why don’t we try to figure out ways to improve our relations, to renovate them instead of searching for excuses to end them. Why do we simply quit, without trying to get the same warmth back?

I suppose the answer is simple. In our quest to quench our thirsts of power, money and success, emotions have become things of pity, fit only for those who can do nothing in their lives, aimless people. They are toys worth only a little playtime. What actually is needful in life is money, success and a great career.


2 responses to “Love Aaj-Kal

  1. yes i absolutely agree with u piyush….now a dayzz people donot try to clear out the misunderstandings between them…..may be because their ego comes in between them….its true we donot get the same warmth back!! sometyms we feel helpless becoz we donot know what actually went wrong

  2. True………but even if sum thnk in d rite direction…..maybe 4 whom its nthng but love n care dey want…..lack d partners!!!!! 😉
    We hv bcum too involved in d lives f oders to thnk it straight abt ours…….

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