A lovely evening it was.
The food delicious,
The surroundings melodious,
The companion beautiful.
A wonderful time we had of it.

I stared into her eyes,
Those twinkling black eyes,
Lined with Kohl and a little
Mascara, they fluttered and shied away.
Then with a determination,
She met my gaze,
Not to show the same old twinkles
but a mischief.
What’s the dessert? she asked.
After a heavy meal, mushrooms,
It was not a concern.
Let’s go outside, I indicated.
She understood.
We walked the beach,
The invisible sea making fearful sounds,
She held me tightly,
I thanked the sea,
I loved the sound of it.

Another fifteen minutes we walked,
Then finding a suitable place,
We settled ourselves.
The sea splashed our feet,
Breaking into a thousand droplets,
Raining on our toes.
She demanded for the dessert again,
I smiled and then took out from my pocket,
A bar of chocolate.
And then I saw,
The same twinkle in those loving black eyes.
But to my utter disappointment,
The cocoa had melted,
By the heat of my heart.
The bar was no more,
Just a thick fluid,
Tempting yet scary,
Like the sea at our feet.
We looked at each other,
Then decided in favor,
She tore the golden cover,
Just the top of it.

She took to her lips,
The thick brown liquid,
Squeezing the bottom,
Sucking the delicious blood of bitter cocoa.
I looked at her,
Wanting the melt.
She understood.
She gave me the packet,
I licked it happily.
A squeeze, and cold, molten lava,
Gushed onto my taste-buds.
The sensation tickled my tongue,
I closed my eyes and ummm-ed.
An exhilarating bite I had of it.

Two distinct drops had settled on her lips,
I saw her lick them away,
The gluey liquid spread itself,
Giving the lips a chocolate flavor.
She understood.
Her eyes were closed,
My eyes wide open,
While we enjoyed,
The blend of molten chocolate and lip-skin.
A lovely night we had of it.


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